CW: Kayla Andersen & AD: Gabby Gonzaga

In the calm after a wildfire, a quiet race to set seed begins between nutrient-rich wildflowers and highly flammable weeds.  If weeds grow instead of native wildflowers so will future wildfires in heat, destruction, and devastation.

We invited REI members to set spark to something wilder than their adventurous spirit while exploring National Parks, National Forests, and State Parks often affected by wildfires.  We did this by transforming trail markers into something akin to firefighting machines.

Trail Markers

We placed trail markers that can stand the heat of any
wildfire on wildfire-prone hiking trails in the U.S.

How It Works

These heat-resistant trail markers safely store native
wildflower seeds, releasing them only when a wildfire
burns out to a suitable temperature to grow in.

Seed Packets

It’s up to hikers to replenish GROW WILD
trail markers by refilling them as they hike.

Seed packets are labeled with the park the
seeds are native to in order to ensure only
native plants are introduced.

Trailhead and In-Store

Hikers can pick-up GROW WILD seeds at trailheads
before hitting the trail or plan ahead by adding them
to their packing list to pick-up in-store at REI.