Neti Pot: Neti Speaks

It’s an age-old tale: Getting water up your nose normally sucks–unless we’re talking about the magic that is using a Neti Pot.  To convince non-neti-believers, we tapped into the esoteric, summoning Neti to speak life in one nostril and out the other.


we hypnotized people into clearing their nostrils on IG stories.
“You are breathing veeerrryyy easy.” - Neti

booger fortune booths

cleared heads of any bad boogies in the near future by offering booger fortune readings.
“I see a gentle stream flowing through two clear caverns.” 
- Neti

customized zoltar machine

neti speaks nose fortunes and dispenses magic crystals, a colorized saline solution for your next ritual.
“I don’t claim to know everything–I’m just super nosey.” 
- Neti

Kayla Andersen (CW), Gabby Gonzaga (AD) & tiago freitas (instructor)