CW: Kayla Andersen & AD: Gabby Gonzaga

1 in 50 people have aphantasia – the inability to create mental images.  Some readers with aphantasia close books for good in frustration that others see more than just the words on a page, while others realize that’s why they have always had a distaste for hyper visual language while reading.

In order to heighten the reading experience for aphantasiacs, we created aPhantasy: a digital library of adapted books.  Because there is much more to a good story than mental pictures.

Digital Library

Access adapted classic novels and new releases for aphantasiacs. 
Read books without visually descriptive passages.
Tap visual descriptions to transform them into illustrations.
    Illustrations made in collab with           aphantasiac artists.


Listen to audio books without
visual detail overload.
Play audio soundtracks synced
in-time to reading material.
Request books to be adapted
for aphantasia readers.


Instagram Story Filter

Blur out flowery descriptions to simulate how less
visual details can still deliver the same great stories.

Social Posts

Common phrases meant literally that are
actually just empty words to aphantasiacs.


Pull out the story drowning in the details.

VR Cardboard Viewers

No point in reading pointless visual descriptions when you can
watch them.  Insert phone into the VR cardboard viewer
included in print copies of aPhantasy books and watch the
scene unfold.