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the ones made for the heck of it.


Animated GIF Series

as we wFH in 2020, it’s almost as if Our coworkers have been abducted & placed in our computer screens.  In their place sits our extremely cute yet distracting pets. This is a taste of the adorable horror I experience daily during office hours–i.e, 24/7. Maybe you too have the scratch marks to prove it.



everyone says the advertising industry is small.  I decided it was small enough to dance through all of it. 

*All dances were inspired by the big personalities of big agencies & encouraged by my instructor klara lindbergh.



Red Antler

How Quarantine Turned Me Into A Housecat

Animated video

An Exploration of my quarantine experience while teaching myself procreate & after effects landed me with this cutie.

**did you know? the meow at the end is the real meow of my cat glustik.