TERRA CHIPS: Hungry Hands

ar Gaming concept

Terra Chips were made to be the center of the party next to the crudite and dip.  Not for solo snackers on the couch.  That’s why Terra Chips is bringing snacking and social life together again by crushing them together through an AR game.

Keep your friends close but your hungry hands closer.

crunchy mode

make grabbing the same chip less awkward by crushing it in two-player mode.

salty mode

Snacking alone? don’t be Salty. we have a mode for that too. it’s just too easy.

multiplayer mode

open multiplayer by opening a bag of Terra Chips. includes an In-game filter that turns all players into Terra Chips.


Become the envy of other rows.
snack in-game with JetBlue seatmates to gain snack rewards.


look out for Giant Terra Chips placed around cities and crush the snacktition with SnapChat AR.

Kayla Andersen (CW), Gabby Gonzaga (AD)  & Daniel Sumbang (Instructor)